December 2013 – I was in Haiti and fortunate enough to see my friend Morhanges "PoohBear" Elizee and his family open up their home in La Boule, Port Au Prince, Haiti to the neighborhood families and do a toy drive where they gave away items to 400 people. I said to myself I would help make this a bigger event. 


October 2014 – I asked PoohBear how could I help. HE said he would do his part in Haiti and needed help here in Miami. We decided to make this a big event.


November 2014 – I enlisted the help of Print Giants, Lex Promotions and Little Haiti Optimist among with numerous friends to try and make this a possibility.


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I remember when I used to go to Haiti as a child with my mom all of our family would gather around cause they knew my home had something for them. The looks on everyone's face when their name was called and they received their gift. It was priceless! I just want to to keep on giving not just to my family but to all of Haiti. They deserve it. Haiti has been through so much. I owe this to my mom, my my dad and all my family in Haiti. Thank you for making me!


Jones Pierre

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.